About Us

Welcome to Builder-4-Life. I have been building with Lego for over 20 years and enjoy operating my little parts store out of my basement. Most of my sets are now complete and I have my extra parts available here for other to complete there sets and projects. I have been selling Lego online forĀ 5 years. All of my parts are all sorted by element type. Most of the parts are intermixed with various colors and mold varients. Some parts may have scratches and or slight color differences common with Lego bricks both new and used/old. I will try my best to ensure each color in your order is homogeneous; this can be more difficult in larger quantities/entire lots. I try my best to distinguish part mold variations, and color variations. I will let you know before sending out your order if any of the parts in your order are missing, have imperfections beyond what was noted in my listings, or if there are any other obscurities to verify that you still wish to place an order.

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2017